Imagine a destination where you could get fantastic coastline views, a nice warm breeze and a little bit of sand between your toes. Croatia is one of the best places to vacation because of its ideal location. The Croatian coast is lined with waterfront properties facing the Adriatic Sea, providing an excellent experience of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Topping the charts when it comes to tourism, this country gives you things you cannot find anywhere else, and this fall is the best time to visit Croatia!

Choosing smarTours to travel Croatia and to provide you with an amazing trip is just the start to creating fantastic memories. Croatia’s unique ability to blend its lush country side with its rich history and thousands of islands that dot the coastline of the Adriatic Sea cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. Traveling to the capital, Zagreb, and checking into a lovely downtown hotel is a relaxing and beautiful way to start your journey through the country.


During smarTours’ Jewels of the Adriatic tour you’ll visit Lake Bled in neighboring Slovenia with its magnificent cool waters and the amazing Bled Castle that sits high on a cliff, overlooking the lake. Bled Castle is the oldest in Slovenia and offers dramatic views of the mountain range and the villages in the distance. The castle has been used for high level political meetings and can be seen in many movies as well due to its extremely unique architecture.


Croatian Culture

Spending two weeks to travel Croatia is just enough time to immerse yourself in the culture by exposing you to its way of life and rich history. According to a recent major census, a vast amount of the citizens, around 90 percent, recognize themselves as Catholic. Each village and town has a patron saint and celebrates a feast day with processions and the locals take the day off from work. Even if you are not Catholic, being part of such a celebration is always a magical experience.



During your tour with smarTours, an English-speaking tour guide is provided so you don’t have to scratch your head if you don’t know how to speak Croatian. While the country does have its own currency called Kuna, the Euro is a widely accepted form of currency in most tourist areas. The 14-day trip includes airfare, transportation, deluxe accommodations and meals but you might want think about bringing some spending money for gifts, keepsakes and specialty foods.


During the final nights of smarTours’ Jewels of the Adriatic tour you will be staying at one of the most charming hotels in Europe with remarkable views of the sea. No matter what hotel you stay in during your two week vacation, you will be completely satisfied and fulfilled visiting this beautiful destination.

Let smarTours take you on a wonderful journey through Croatia that you will never forget!