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 smarTraveler Status Program

What Does It Mean To Be a smarTraveler?

Since 1996, the team at smarTours has worked tirelessly to make high quality international travel affordable, and we have been fortunate to have so many loyal members of the smarTours community. We want to make sure that our most consistently active clients (smarTravelers, as we call them) are rewarded for their loyalty. smarTravelers are clients who have traveled frequently, referred us to friends and family, and have been vocal about their great trips. As a smarTraveler, you will be entitled to a variety of benefits that will make your journeys with smarTours all the more enjoyable. Apply here!

What are the smarTraveler Perks?

Room Upgrades / Other Hotel Perks

In an effort to reward your dedication to smarTours, you will receive room upgrades or other hotel perks (when available) at select hotels around the world. Note: if extra perks are not provided in at least one hotel during your trip due to lack of availability, smarTravelers can notify smarTours and receive a $100 credit off their next trip if it’s clear that the perks were not delivered.

Skip to The Front of The Line

Quite often, the most popular smarTours trips on the best dates with the best prices sell out quickly, and a waiting list develops. In order to give priority to our smarTravelers , you will be able to pass everyone else on the waiting list (except other smarTravelers) to increase the likelihood of gaining a spot on your desired smarTours departure.

Exclusive smarTours News

smarTraveler members will become part of an exclusive mailing list that receives advanced notice on special deals and new destinations before anyone else.

Priority Phone Service

smarTravelers will receive priority phone service so that our customer service team can answer any questions or concerns you may have as quickly as possible.

January 26 & 27, 2019, Join us at The New York Times Travel Show! smarTours will supply free guest passes to the first 100 smarTravelers who contact us, and you will also enjoy an exclusive cocktail hour with other smarTravelers. To learn more about the New York Times Travel Show, please click here!

How do I Qualify? (1 of 3 is Required)

Travel Frequently

In order to qualify, you must have traveled three times over the previous three years at the time you submit your application*.


Refer Your Friends & Family

In order to qualify, you will need to have referred at least 12 friends or family members who took their first smarTours trip in the last three years at the time you submit your application*.


Be Vocal

In order to qualify, we want to see that you are going above and beyond to actively spread the word about your trips! Whether you are an active spokesperson on social media or in your community, we want to see that you are letting others know of your great experiences with smarTours. We are looking to reward clients who have been vocal about their love of smarTours in the year leading up to their application. For online activity, please provide links to any/all examples of your vocal support of smarTours. Examples could include YouTube videos, Facebook / Twitter / Instragram posts, TripAdvisor reviews, Yelp reviews, and more! The sky’s the limit, and please remember to use #smarTours or @smarTours in your social media activity to get credit for your work.

How do I Apply?

After you fill out our short membership form you will be notified via email if you’re approved within two weeks! We will verify the information that you provide and make sure you meet the requirements. Click here to apply!


What Else Should I Know?

  • How long will I be a member? 
    • If you’re accepted any time after March 31, 2018, you will have smarTraveler status through December 31, 2019. In December of the year where your status is expiring, you will receive an automated email asking you to renew, and your smarTraveler status will be yours to keep so long as you continue to meet the requirements.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Click here to read Frequently Asked Questions (& Answers)!

* Subject to verification by smarTours.

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