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Why we’re different

At smarTours, most of our travelers in any given year are repeat customers – they had such great experiences with us before that they decided to travel with us again.  And many of our customers are so happy with smarTours that they have made traveling with us an annual tradition, reaching 5, 10, even 15 trips with smarTours!  In other words, we must be doing at least a few things right.

Here are five ways smarTours is different:

1. Unbeatable Value: We provide the best travel bargains at an exceptional value for your money, and it does not take that much time visiting our website to figure that out.  However, it can be difficult to compare the value provided by different tour operators because the tours are so intricate and multifaceted.  If you take the time to really peel back onion and evaluate the affordable tour packages offered by smarTours, we are confident that you would come to the conclusion that our loyal customers have – that smarTours provides unbeatable value and the best travel bargains.
2. Phenomenal Tour Guides: If you ask anyone who has been on an escorted tour, they will tell you that the tour guides are an essential ingredient to making the trip a success.  The importance of tour guides is not lost on us at smarTours, which is why we are relentless in our pursuit and retention of the very best tour guides.  We are proud to say with confidence that our tour guides are phenomenal, and many of them have become celebrity-like figures within the smarTours community.
3. smarTours Price Protection: We have had a price protection policy since we started in 1996, and we thought it was time to share it with you.  If you reserve a spot on a tour and we later lower the price, we will make up the difference for you!  We do not penalize you for booking early, so you can reserve your spot with confidence that the price will not get any better (lower) for that particular date.  Also, to be clear, if you reserve a spot on a tour and we later increase the price, we will not raise your price to match the new price!*
4. Focus: Unlike most of our competitors, we focus exclusively on providing affordable tour packages and group tours to foreign, largely exotic destinations.  In the travel business, it is particularly easy to get distracted by new trends and themes, but we have chosen to focus on what we do best.  We are extremely deliberate in introducing new tours because we have set a standard that our loyal customers have come to rely on, and we are committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations.
5. Smart-Sized Groups: Our tours average 23 travelers with a maximum of 30 on every tour**. We consider this the right size to offer you the best price, the most dynamic group interaction and the most ease of travel. Simply stated, our standard smarTours packages and pricing have the smallest group sizes among the leaders in affordable group travel.



* Price protection is valid on published rates that may be lowered in conjunction with third party partner marketing campaigns. These campaigns are excluded from the smarTours Price Protection plan.
** Maximum group size of 30 travelers effective for all departures starting July 2019. This does not apply to private groups, which can be arranged for a group of any size.

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